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Asarum arifolium

Little brown jug
One of Our Native Gingers
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Asarum arifolium (Arrowhead Wild Ginger or Little Brown Jugs) is now called Hexastylus arifolium. This is a relatively tough evergreen perennial forming an attractive clump that can grow to 2 feet in diameter. It is native to the southeastern U.S. (from Kentucky to Virginia; south to Louisiana to Florida) but is hardy much further north. Like all of the gingers, it makes a fine groundcover in the shade garden.

The arrowhead-shaped leaves, up to 5 inches long, are deep green with gray green patterning. The jug-shaped flowers are borne mid to late spring, close to the ground and are ant pollinated.  The species is hardy in zones 4 to 8 in partial to full shade on just about any moist, acidic to neutral, well drained soil. It's very drought tolerant due to its deep roots and is also heat tolerant.

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