Aster novi-belgii (Symphyotrichon)

New York Aster
A Great Fall Bloomer
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Symphyotrichum novi-belgii also known as Aster novi-belgii or the New York Aster, is the type species for Symphyotrichum, a genus of the family Asteraceae whose species were once considered to be Asters native to Canada and the United States.  It can grow as tall as 6 feet, but the Wood’s dwarf asters only top off around 2 feet tall. (We usually have some of these). They begin to bloom around the end of September, giving them another common name of Michaelmas daisy. The dwarf aster ‘Woods Blue’ has a rounded, mounding habit that becomes covered with tiny blue flowers in late September, and they bloom for almost 6 weeks. They grow best in full sun but do well in partial shade with moist, well drained soils, and when established can handle some drought.

Like all other asters, they are resistant to deer and a butterfly magnate, pulling in all the Monarch butterflies before they fly south for the winter during the month of October. The plants are cold hardy from USDA zone 4-8 and can be planted in containers, in rock gardens or in the front of perennial beds.  These asters  have resistance to both rust and mildew disease.

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