Buxus sempervirens 'Vardar Valley'

Vardar Valley Boxwood
Nice Bluish-Green Color
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$12.50/ gallon; some larger
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'Vardar Valley'' boxwood is a dense, compact, many-branched, broad, mounded evergreen boxwood shrub. It has slow annual growth (to 1.5" per year). Typically grown as a 2-3' tall shrub with a larger spread, but can grow to 6' without pruning. Apetalous, greenish yellow flowers (separate male and female flowers on the same plant) appear in spring. Flowers are sparse and insignificant, but fragrant. Small, round to obovate, medium green leaves (to 1 1/8" long) with a elegant bluish hue.

This is one of the hardiest boxwoods, and shows good resistance to two of the three main insect pests of boxwood (leaf miner and mites).

The plants are great as specimen/accents, hedges, mass plantings, formal gardens, topiary, foundations, and bonsai.

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