Chamaecyparis nootkatensis "Pendula"

Weeping Nootka Cypress
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$120/10 gal. - 5' tall
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The most graceful of all of the weepng conifers. Relaively fast growing. Weeping trees are trees that are characterized by a typical shape with soft, limp twigs This may lead to a bent crown and pendulous branches that can cascade to the ground.

While weepingness occurs in nature, most weeping trees are cultivars. Because of their shape, weeping trees are popular in landscaping; generally they need a lot of space and are set solitary so that their effect is more pronounced. There are over a hundred different types of weeping trees. Some trees, such as the cherry, have a variety of weeping cultivars. There are currently around 550 weeping cultivars in 75 different genera, although many have now disappeared from cultivation.

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