Acer pennsylvanica

Striped Maple
Photo from Public domain
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Acer pennsylvanica (striped maple or moosewood) is a slow-growing understory tree which rarely grows over twenty or thirty feet tall and is sometimes found growing as a shrub. 

This is an interesting small tree. Striped Maples exhibit bark that is smooth and green or greenish brown, with long white or pale green vertical lines. As the tree matures, the bark turns reddish-brown with dark vertical lines. The twigs are green and hairless, becoming striped with whitish lines. 

As in all maples, Striped Maples have opposite, lobed leaves. The leaves of the striped maple are large, thin, and somewhat papery. They usually have three triangular, forward-pointing, toothed lobes, with a large central lobe. The base of the leaf is rounded or slightly heart-shaped. Striped Maple leaves are a deep yellow-green and smooth above, turning yellow in autumn.

It will make a different and interesting small tree specimen for your back yard. The bark is visually interesting in its appearance and texture.

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