Apple - Arkansas Black

Arkansas Black Apples
One of the darkest skinned apples. USDA Watercolor Collection
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$28/4'-5' 3 gal.
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Arkansas Black Apples. These sounded very interesting as a great tasting apple, so we thought that we would give them a try.  The plants are 4' - 5', nicely branched transplants in 3 gallon containers  This is a distinctive and attractive late-season apple that can be chilled for months. Grown well, Arkansas Black can display great flavor, and this apple improves it's flavor and texture from at least a month in a cold storage. This is a species that benefits from having 2 other mid season bloomers as cross pollinators. White crabapples will also pollinate it.

The intense aromatic flavor makes it a good variety to use in cooking, and it has become increasingly popular as an apple for cider production. 


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