Asclepias exaltata

Poke Milkweed
A More Unusual Milkweed; Few Available
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Asclepias exaltata or Poke Milkweed, is a relatively tall milkweed frequently found on the edges of forests. It vaguely resembles the Common Milkweed, A. syriaca, and has been known to hybridize with this species in areas where both occur in close proximity. The leaves can be quite large on plants growing in moist shaded conditions. The umbels (flower clusters) are pendulous with relatively few flowers. Strikingly aromatic when in bloom. 

The umbels weep down with each flower on a long pedicel with 10+/- flowers per umbel. Color is white with lavender to green tinges. Stems of the umbels are a purplish color. Horns protrude through the hoods. Corolla reflexes backward. Corolla, hoods, and horns are a light pink color. 

Size is 3' - 6'.

Adapted from: Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center.

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