Cassia hebecarpa

Wild Senna
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Cassia hebecarpa, or Wild Senna is a great choice for gardens and pollinators. Its bright yellow flowers bloom from July to August, attracting many bees and butterflies.  Autumn leaf colors are great, and long black pods with seeds are enjoyed by larger birds like wild turkeys.  A horizontal root system provides strength against winds, allowing the plant's stately (4-6') beauty to be functional as well. Some use it as a hedge. 

Wild Senna and other Cassia species are important host plants for many species of Sulphur Butterflies.

This species is very similar to its relative, Maryland Senna (Senna or Cassia marilandica) except when the ripe seeds are compared. The seeds will fall out of the ripened pod of the wild senna, while the Maryland Senna seed pods will remain closed.  Other than this trait, it is hard to tell the two species apart.

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