Cycas revoluta

Cycad, Sago Palm
A Very easy Houseplant to grow.
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Cycads are an ancient group of seed plants with a crown of large compound leaves and a stout trunk. They are a minor component of the flora in tropical and subtropical regions today, but during the Jurassic Period, they were often a dominant vegetational component. In fact, the Jurassic is often referred to as the "Age of Cycads".

Today many are facing possible extinction in the wild. However, because of their large attractive leaves, many cycads have found a home in public and private gardens around the world. Some are a significant source of starch (from the trunks). They are easy and fun to grow, and produce a flush of new leaves once a year.  We have Cycas revoluta, in various sizes, some quite large, and all grown from seed.  We have one that is 49 years old.

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