Ficus carica

Hardy Figs are Delicious
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Edible figs (Ficus carica) come in many varieties. While most are best adapted to warmer Mediterranean climates, several are hardy to zone 6. We currently have 'Chicago Hardy', 'Little Ruby' and Violette de Bordeaux (Negronne) (Zone 6), as well as Turkish Brown and Mission Black (Zone 7) .

Even though three varieties are hardy to zone 6, it is best to protect them form harsh winter winds.  Many will produce a 'Breba'. crop in the spring on mature wood if the plant does not die back to the ground during winter (if that happens, roots will send up new stems when the soil warms). If you don't have a south-facing wall to plant against, you can add protection by insulating the plant with straw, and/or wrapping with a layer of burlap or plastic sheeting (like polyethylene).

Plant your tree in a sunny area protected from wind . If you need to cover or wrap your tree to keep it safe through the winter, consider keeping your tree pruned into more of a shrub or small tree.

To protect the roots, use mulching material such as hay, straw, or shredded leaves.

Growing figs in our climate is fun, entertaining, and can come with delicious rewards!



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