Goodyera pubescens

rattlesnake plantain
Attractive and Petite Orchid
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A slow growing rhizomatous/rosette forming orchid with fleshy, white-veined leaves.  Evergreen, it produces nice little white spikes in the late spring. Goodyera pubescens, the Rattlesnake Plantain, is one of the most common orchids native to eastern North America. It is an evergreen terrestrial species with variegated leaves. The variegation is in the form of a densely-reticulated network of veins that are a much lighter green than the rest of the leaf tissue. It is a creeping plant that divides on the ground surface and sends out short stolons. It may be terrestrial or, occasionally, epipetric, growing on rock shelves. It prefers mildly to moderately acidic soils, such as in oak-heath forests.

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