Heracleum lanatum

Cow parsnip
Tall herb, reaching to heights of over two meters
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If you want a large, prominent feature in a wild landscape, Heracleum lanatum is a prime candidate.  The Cow Parsnip, also known as Indian Celery or Pushki, is the only member of the genus Heracleum native to North America. It can grow well over 6' tall.  It will reseed iself, so if you wish to keep it confined, cut the flower heads when it is done blooming.  While it resembles and is related to the giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum), which was introduced from the Caucasus Mts., it is not the same species.  Though still tall and proud, it is smaller and not noxious like the giant hogweed.  From Wikipedia: Various Native American peoples had many different uses for this plant; all parts of it were used by one nation or another. Perhaps the most common use was to make poultices to be applied to bruises or sores. In addition, the young stalks and leaf stems — before the plant reaches maturity — were widely used for food with the outer skin peeled off giving a sweetish flavor. The dried stems were also used as drinking straws for the old or infirm, and to make flutes for children. A yellow dye can be made from the roots, and an infusion of the flowers can be rubbed on the body to repel flies and mosquitoes. 


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