Lilium superbum

Turks cap lily
Grows from 3–7 feet (0.91–2.1 m) high
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$14.50/qt or $10.50/ bare root bulbs.
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Lilium superbum is a species of true lily native to the eastern and central regions of North America. Common names include, Turk's cap lily, turban lily, swamp lily or American tiger lily.  It occurs in wet meadows and moist woods from New Hampshire south to Georgia and Alabama. This is the tallest of the native American lilies, typically growing 4'-6' (less frequently to 8') tall. Elliptic to lance-shaped leaves (to 6" long) are arranged in whorls around the stems. Downward-facing, nodding, Turk's cap-type, orange flowers (2.5 to 4" wide) with greenish throats are densely-spotted with maroon. Sharply-reflexed sepals and petals curve backward to touch at the stem thus forming a "Turk's cap".  Flowers appear in a loose inflorescence atop upright stems in early to mid summer.

Ours derive from a population along our creek, known as Big Branch, a tributary of Deer Creek.  Deer will graze on them if they can get to them, so afford them some protection.  The predilection of deer for the succulent stems is one of the reasons for their disappearance from our local flora.

They are pollinated by hummingbirds and the eastern tiger swallowtail (Papilio glaucus).

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