Native Wildflowers

Phlox paniculata*
Garden phlox
Tall Garden Phlox
Price: Various Status: In Stock

Phlox paniculata (garden phlox) is a plant in the phlox family, Polemoniaceae. It is native to eastern United States, but has been extensively cultivated for many years, with many cultivars. Phlox...

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Phlox stolonifera*
Creeping phlox
Nice Addition to the Vernal Woodland Garden
Price: $8.50/qts; $15/6" pans Status: Sold Out

Creeping phlox is a spreading, mat-forming phlox which is native to wooded areas and stream banks in the Appalachian Mountains. Creeping, leafy, vegetative (sterile) stems typically form a foliage...

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Phlox subulata
Moss Phlox
Low Ground Cover
Price: $8.50/qt.; $15.00/6" pan-nice! Status: In Stock

From Missouri Botanic Garden:

Phlox subulata, commonly called moss phlox, moss pink, mountain phlox or creeping phlox, is a vigorous, spreading, mat-...

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Physostegia virginiana
False dragonhead
Does well in moist conditions
Price: $7.50/qt. Status: Limited Supply

Physostegia virginiana (Obedient Plant or False Dragonhead) is an herbaceous perennial that often grows in sandy soil of riverine floodplains and in cracks in rocky...

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Podophyllum peltatum
May apple
Price: $8.50/gal Status: Special Order

Podophyllum peltatum, is commonly called mayapple (also known as mandrake root, American mandrake, raccoon berry, wild lemon, Indian apple, duck's foot, hog apple, umbrella plant, and...

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Polemonium reptans
Jacobs ladder
Lovely, pale blue flowers
Price: $8.00/quart Status: Sold Out

Polemonium reptans is a flowering plant, native to eastern North America.  Common names include Abscess Root, Creeping or Spreading Jacob's Ladder, False Jacob's Ladder...

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Polygonatum biflorum var. canaliculatum
Solomon's Seal
Jet Black berries in the fall.
Price: $10.50/qt. $16.50/gallon or 6" pan (large rhizomes) Status: In Stock

Polygonatum biflorum (Smooth Solomon's-seal, Great Solomon's-seal, Solomon's seal); is a species native to the forests of eastern and central North...

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Potentilla canadensis
Dwarf Cinquefoil
Photo by Fritz Flohr Reynolds
Price: $6.50 /qt Status: Limited Supply

Dwarf cinquefoil, or Potentilla canadensis is found from Canada to North and South Carolina to Missouri. It is a diminutive and tidy species of the...

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Potentilla fruiticosa
Shrubby cinquefoil
Price: Inquire Status: Special Order

Dasiphora fruticosa (Shrubby Cinquefoil; syn. Potentilla fruticosa L., Pentaphylloides fruticosa (L.) O.Schwarz) is a shrub in the family...

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Potentilla simplex
Common Cinquefoil
Plant Image by VC.A. Kutzleb, hosted by the USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database
Price: $6.50/qt Status: Limited Supply

Potentilla simplex, also known as common cinquefoil or old-field five-fingers is a perennial herbaceous species of the Rosaceae (rose family)...

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Pycnanthemum virginianum
Mountain mint
fragrant Foliage
Price: $8.50 /qt; $12.50/gal. Status: In Stock

Pycnanthemum (mountain mint) is a plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae. They are herbaceous plants with narrow, opposite, simple leaves, on wiry, green stems. The flowers...

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Rudbeckia fulgida var. speciosa
Showy Coneflower, Black-eyed Susan
Grows up to 120 cm tall
Price: $7.50/quart Status: Sold Out

Rudbeckia fulgida, variety speciosashowy coneflower, or black-eyed Susan is a deciduous, herbaceous perennial with a clump forming...

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Rudbeckia triloba*
Sweet coneflower
Height is 2–3 feet with a spread of 1 to 1.5 feet
Price: $6.50 /qt; $10/gal. Status: Limited Supply

Rudbeckia triloba (Browneyed Susan, Brown-eyed Susan, Thin-leaved Coneflower, Three-leaved Coneflower) is an easily grown plant native to the United States.


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Sabatia kennedyana
Plymouth Rose Gentian
One of Our More Beautiful Wildflowers
Price: $12.00/quart; larger Available Status: In Stock

Sabatia kennedyana, commonly called Plymouth rose gentian, is a herbaceous perennial native to disjunct regions of the Atlantic coasts of Canada and the...

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Sanguinaria canadensis
One of our earliest blooming spring ephemerals
Price: $9.50/pot Status: Available in May

Beautiful white pinwheel flowers, followed by lobed, kidney shaped leaves and slender green capsules.  Fleshy rhizomes contain a deep red pigment used by native Americans and colonists for dye....

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Sarracenia alata
Pitcher Plant
An easy to grow pitcher plant.
Price: $12.50/3 qt. Container; $16.50 and up for larger specimens Status: In Stock

Sarracenia alata, also known as the Pale pitcher plant or Pale trumpet, is a carnivorous plant. Like all the Sarracenia, it is...

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Sarracenia leucophylla
White Topped Pitcher Plant
The Most Elegant Pitcher Plant
Price: $24.50/plant Status: In Stock

Sarracenia leucophylla, also known as the white pitcher plant, is a carnivorous plant in the genus Sarracenia. Like all the Sarracenia, it is native to the New World and...

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Sarracenia purpurea
Purple Pitcher Plant
Adaptation and Symbiosis
Price: $7.50/4" pot Status: Available in September

Sarracenia purpurea, commonly known as the purple pitcher plant, northern pitcher plant, or side-saddle flower, is an insectivorous plant in the family ...

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Scutellaria incana
Lovely Foliage and Flowers
Price: $9.50/qt. Status: Limited Supply

Scutellaria incana, commonly called skullcap, is n eastern native wildflower that occurs in open woods, clearings, on slopes and along streams. It grows...

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Scutellaria integrifolia
Hyssop skullcap
Woodland Perennial
Price: $4.50/qt. Status: Sold Out

A nice little skullcap of our local woods; easy to grow in full sun or partial shade. Height: 1-2.5' Flowers: May-Jul.; blue, pink, white Fruit: blackish; nut/nut-like

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