Native Wildflowers

Polemonium reptans
Jacobs ladder
Lovely, pale blue flowers
Price: $8.00/quart Status: In Stock

Polemonium reptans is a flowering plant, native to eastern North America.  Common names include Abscess Root, Creeping or Spreading Jacob's Ladder, False Jacob's Ladder...

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Polygonatum biflorum var. canaliculatum
Solomon's Seal
Jet Black berries in the fall.
Price: $8.50/qt. $12.50/gallon Status: In Stock

Polygonatum biflorum (Smooth Solomon's-seal, Great Solomon's-seal, Solomon's seal); is a species native to the forests of eastern and central North America.  It produces...

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Potentilla fruiticosa
Shrubby cinquefoil
Price: Inquire Status: Special Order

Dasiphora fruticosa (Shrubby Cinquefoil; syn. Potentilla fruticosa L., Pentaphylloides fruticosa (L.) O.Schwarz) is a shrub in the family...

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Pycnanthemum virginianum
Mountain mint
fragrant Foliage
Price: $6.50 /qt; $10/gal. Status: In Stock

Pycnanthemum (mountain mint) is a plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae. They are herbaceous plants with narrow, opposite, simple leaves, on wiry, green stems. The flowers...

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Rudbeckia fulgida "Goldsturm"*
Brown-eyed susan
Grows up to 120 cm tall
Price: $8.50/gal Status: Sold Out

Rudbeckia fulgida, orange coneflower, is a perennial plant native to eastern North America. They are perennial herbaceous plants growing up to 120 cm tall, growing from rosettes that develop...

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Rudbeckia hirta*
Black-eyed susan
Maryland Flower
Price: $5.50/qt Status: Sold Out

Rudbeckia hirta, the Black-eyed Susan, with the other common names of: Brown-eyed Susan, Brown Betty, Brown Daisy (Rudbeckia triloba), Gloriosa Daisy, Golden Jerusalem, Poorland Daisy, Yellow

Rudbeckia triloba*
Sweet coneflower
Height is 2–3 feet with a spread of 1 to 1.5 feet
Price: $6.50 /qt; $10/gal. Status: Limited Supply

Rudbeckia triloba (Browneyed Susan, Brown-eyed Susan, Thin-leaved Coneflower, Three-leaved Coneflower) is an easily grown plant native to the United States.


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Sanguinaria canadensis
One of our earliest blooming spring ephemerals
Price: $5.50/pot; $6.50/qt.; $8.50/pan Status: Sold Out

Beautiful white pinwheel flowers, followed by lobed, kidney shaped leaves and slender green capsules.  Fleshy rhizomes contain a deep red pigment used by native Americans and colonists for dye....

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Sarracenia alata
Pitcher Plant
An easy to grow pitcher plant.
Price: $12.50/3 qt. Container; $16.50 and up for larger specimens Status: In Stock

Sarracenia alata, also known as the Pale pitcher plant or Pale trumpet, is a carnivorous plant. Like all the Sarracenia, it is...

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Sarracenia leucophylla
White Topped Pitcher Plant
The Most Elegant Pitcher Plant
Price: $24.50/plant Status: Limited Supply

Sarracenia leucophylla, also known as the white pitcher plant, is a carnivorous plant in the genus Sarracenia. Like all the Sarracenia, it is native to the New World and...

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Sarracenia purpurea
Purple Pitcher Plant
Adaptation and Symbiosis
Price: $6.50/4" pot Status: In Stock

Sarracenia purpurea, commonly known as the purple pitcher plant, northern pitcher plant, or side-saddle flower, is an insectivorous plant in the family ...

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Scutellaria integrifolia
Hyssop skullcap
Woodland Perennial
Price: $4.50/qt. Status: Sold Out

A nice little skullcap of our local woods; easy to grow in full sun or partial shade. Height: 1-2.5' Flowers: May-Jul.; blue, pink, white Fruit: blackish; nut/nut-like

Sedum ternatum"Larinem Park"
Wild stonecrop
Small, delightfully silver-leaved succulent.
Price: $5.00/4" pot Status: Sold Out

The only sedum pecies that will grow in shade, which is it's natural habitat. Sedum ternatum is the most widespread native Sedum species in eastern North America, commonly known as woodland

Silphium connatum
Prairie Dock
Quite Strong of Habit and Attractive
Price: $14.50/lLarge Gallon Status: In Stock

Silphium perfoliatum var. connatum (L.) Cronq., is characterized by hairy stems with sessile leaves, and it occurs in scattered stations in the mountains and the adjacent...

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Silphium laciniatum
Compass Plant
Elegant and Stately
Price: $8.50/qt; some larger. $12.50 - $25 (specimen) Status: In Stock

Silphium laciniatum, the compass plant, is a native perennial which occurs in prairies, wood edges and glades. It is a tall, sturdy, rough, bristly plant...

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Smilacina racemosa
False Solomons seal
Grows from cylindrical rhizomes about 0.3 m long.
Price: $9.50/qt. Status: Available in September

Smilacina racemosa (Treacleberry, False Solomon's Seal, Solomon's plume or False Spikenard) is native to the woodlands of eastern North America.


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Solidago caesia
Bluestem goldenrod
blue stems and shade-loving
Price: $7.50/ qt. Status: Limited Supply

Solidago caesia, commonly called blue-stemmed goldenrod or wreath goldenrod, is a native woodland perennial which occurs in forests,...

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Spiranthes cernua
Nodding Ladies Tresses
Fall Blooming and Fragrant
Price: $12.50 /4"pot; some larger available Status: Limited Supply

Spiranthes cernua, commonly called Nodding Ladies' Tresses, is widely distributed along the Eastern Coastal Plain and southern Appalacian Mountains, to the...

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Stenanthium gramineum
Feather Bells
Grows to 3' Tall
Price: $15.00 /qt. 3rd year plants, $18.50 /qt. 4th year+ Status: In Stock

Stenanthium gramineum exhibits large, pyramidal panicles of small, white, nodding flowers on a  stem rising from a basal rosette of folded, grass-like leaves. It can...

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Stylophorum diphyllum
Wood Poppy
Nice Herbaceous Understory Species.
Price: $6.50/qt., Larger plants, size dependent Status: Available in Spring

These large flowered members of the poppy family will provide rafts of beautiful yellow color throughout your woods,  They reseed nicely and are relatively deer resistant!  This is not...

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