Pachysandra procumbens

Allegheny spurge
The leaves are 5-10 cm long, with a coarsely toothed margin
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Pachysandra procumbens (Allegheny Pachysandra or Allegheny Spurge) is an attractive native, semi-deciduous ground cover in the boxwood family (Buxaceae), native to southeast United States from West Virginia and Kentucky south to Florida.

It is a low  perennial, spreading with long rhizomes.  Toothed leaves crowd near the top of somewhat fleshy, 6 in., erect stems. Fragrant, white flowers cluster in a spike, the many staminate flowers above, the few pistillate flowers below. Leaves and stems are evergreen to semi-evergreen in colder areas. Once the new shoots mature, the previous season's growth disappears.  Leaves have scalloped margins and are marbled with silver and purple. 

Allegheny Pachysandra is an excellent ground cover for shady areas.  In many regards, it is more interesting than the over-used Asiatic, Pachysandra terminalis. This native species grows slowly and will not take over like P. terminalis.

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