Pear, Keiffer

Keiffer Pear
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Kieffer Pear trees are resonably fast-growing fruit trees that, once mature, produce a nice crop of delicious fruit. They are sweet, crisp, and juicy, excellent fresh, for canning, or desserts. The pears are yellow with a red blush. 

They are heat tolerant and cold hardy, self-fertile, disease-resistant, and drought tolerant once established. This versatile fruit tree is easy to grow. The Kieffer Pear is a dependable tree that produces fruit as a young plant and reliably every year thereafter. 

Keiffer pears are easy to grow, making it a good fruit tree for beginners. It is adapted to different soil and environmental conditions. These pears provide vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber, and they taste delicious with a crisp,and juicy texture. 
Because they are self-fertile, only one Kieffer Pear tree is needed to grow lots of fruit.

This tree only requires between 350 and 400 chill hours, so it is easily grown in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.


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