Salix babylonica

Weeping Willow
Photo courtesy of Ket (Wiki Commons)
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$24.50/3-4 gallon (6'-7'+)
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This is the classic weeping willow, from which the term willowy is coined. Salix babylonica is familiar as one of the most graceful trees to grace our yards and areas of wetter soil.

One of the most easily recognized trees on the planet, the Weeping Willow is iconic among its deciduous cousins. The tree's long, sweeping branches and foliage add beauty and grace to any landscape. A short-trunked tree with long, drooping branches, a trait which gives it its common name and helps distinguish it from other willows. Some of the longer branches may reach the ground. The bark is rough and gray. and is marked by long, branching ridges, resulting in rather deep furrows. It grows well, especially near water, and cuttings of twigs or branches root easily in moist soil. The Weeping Willow is a native of China but has been introduced into many parts of the World.  This tree can do well just about anyplace where there is enough soil moisture. The Weeping Willow has been planted for shade and as an ornamental in the United States since colonial times.  They can become a little messy with advancing age, dropping thin twigs on the lawn.

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