Stenanthium gramineum

Feather Bells
A Graceful and Attractive Inflorescence
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Stenanthium gramineum exhibits large, pyramidal panicles of small, white, nodding flowers on a  stem rising from a basal rosette of folded, grass-like leaves. It can sometimes be confused with a grass when it is not in bloom. It's in the family Melanthiaceae, the same family as Trillium, VeratrumXerophyllum, and Zigadenus, the death camas. Some taxonomists still place it in the Liliacaea.  It occurs in the eastern and south-central United States

The  genus name, from the Greek stenos (narrow) and anthos (flower), refers to the narrow, pointed  sepals and petals and to the shape of the panicle.

The species thrives in sunny, wet meadows and pond edges and occurs in woodlands, as well.  This is a real beauty, with 3’ - 5'(rare) spikes of small white bell-shaped flowers. It blooms in August.

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