Stylophorum diphyllum

Wood Poppy
Nice Herbaceous Understory Species.
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These large flowered members of the poppy family will provide rafts of beautiful yellow color throughout your woods,  They reseed nicely and are relatively deer resistant!  This is not the alien and less appealing celandine.

In spring, the deep yellow flowers of the Wood Poppy appear as a brilliant display on the forest floor. It comes as no surprise that the other common names of this plant are "Yellow Poppy" and "Celandine Poppy". Members of the Poppy Family are characterized by their production of latex, which in the case of the Wood Poppy is yellow. The flowers have 4 yellow petals, two soon falling sepals, many yellow-orange stamens, and a single knobby stigma. They appear in umbels of one or more flowers from early spring to early summer.

After fertilization, a bristly blue-green pod hangs below the leaves. Seeds with white elaiosomes ripen in midsummer and the pod opens by four flaps.  The elaiosome is of fatty content and carried by insects like ants to areas where to elaiosome is eaten for energy, but the seed is left to germinate and grow.

Stylophorum diphyllum are relatively long lived and readily self-seed under garden conditions, where they are grown under full to part shade,nand even in full sun, as long as soils are favorable (Evenly moist with rich humus).

They pair up beautifully with the blue flowers of Mertensia (Virginia Blue Bells)

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