Summer! With COVID Precautions.

It's hot. And with the heat you need to drink more water that usual and refrain from overheatiing. Plants are not too different. New plants in the ground require adequate water and protection from overheating and cooking in the sun. If a plant is wilting, you should water it, mist it or perhaps cover it with some cheescloth (if it's a smaller plant), which will provide light cover during periods of intense sunlight. It's best to plant during evening hours, when the plant can recover over the cool night, or to keep the plant shaded and wait for daily temperatures to drop into the low 80's before planting or transplanting.

When you are ready to plant, or to explore your options, consider visiting Kollar Nursery, a lovely location with a great many native plants in the ground and on display. We are open as per our normal hours published below.

Here, you will find a delightful assemblage of native plants including native asters, sunflowers, lobelias, Baptisia, bee balm, turtleheads, honeysuckles, shooting stars, Turk's cap lilies, moss phlox, fairy wands, feather bells, native Rhododendrons, Christmas ferns, royal ferns, red maples (4 varieties), American elms (2 hardy varieties), American beech, musclewood, oaks, dogwoods (5 varieties), redbuds (5 varieties), Clethra, hazelnuts, blueberries, red and bottlebrush buckeyes, sweetspire, paw paws, Aronia and Hydrangeas (3 varieties), just to name a few.

While we are primarily an outdoor nursery, we request that if you visit to please follow the CDC and general health guidelines. Please bring a mask and practice social distancing (6' spacing between people). We are currently operating within our normal business hours (see bottom of this page). We are near the MD/PA state line.

You are welcome to stop by, take a look at some plants, or go for a walk through our fields, forests or wetlands. Lots to see.

Our address is 5200 West Heaps Road, Pylesville, MD 21132. (410) 836-0500

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