Native Trees

Crataegus mollis
Downy Hawthorne
A Lovely Hawthorne
Price: $.1.50/plug; $3.50/large plug; $10.50/gal. Status: In Stock

Crataegus mollis, or downy hawthorn or red hawthorn, occurs in eastern North America from southeastern North...

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Diospyros virginiana
Delicious Fruit in the Fall
Price: $9.50/gal.; $23.50/3gal. (4'-5'); bare root available on request Status: In Stock

Diospyros virginiana, commonly called the American persimmon, or common persimmon. It ranges from New England to Florida, and west to Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and...

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Fagus grandifolia
American Beech
It is a deciduous tree growing to 20–35 m (66–115 ft) tall, with smooth, silver-gray bark.
Price: $10.50/gal, $16.50/2 gal., larger individually priced Status: In Stock

​Fagus grandifolia, is commonly known as American Beech. It is native to eastern North America, from Nova Scotiawest to southern Ontario in southeastern ...

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Fraxinus americana
White ash
Sun/P.Shade 40' Height/30' Spread
Price: $16.50/5' (2-3 Gal) Status: Not Available

No longer available due to the emerald ash borer and quarantine.  Fraxinus americana (White Ash or American Ash) is native to eastern North America found in mesophytic ...

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Geditsia triacanthos var inermis
Thornless Honey Locust
Tolerant of many soil types
Price: $9.50/gallon (18" - 24") Status: In Stock

Gleditsia triacanthos, commonly called honey locust, is native from Pennsylvania to Iowa south to Georgia and Texas. It typically grows 60-80’ (less frequently to 120’)...

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Gymnocladus dioica
Kentucky Coffee Tree
Handsome as a Specimen Tree
Price: $10.50/gal; some larger, priced accordingly Status: Limited Supply

Gymnocladus dioica, commonly referred to as Kentucky coffeetree or coffeetree, is a tall deciduous tree with rough, scaly gray-brown bark and large bipinnate compound...

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Juglans Cinerea
Delicious Nut
Price: $12.50/2 gal. Status: In Stock

Butternut is also called "white walnut" because of its light-colored wood, which has a natural golden luster that becomes satin-like when polished. The wood is only...

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Maclura pomifera
Osage Orange; Hedge Apple
Photo From Missouri Botanic Garden
Price: $24.50/2-3 gallon, bare root available in dormant season Status: In Stock

 Maclura pomifera, commonly called osage orange, is native to river valleys and rich bottomlands in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana, but has been widely planted...

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Magnolia acuminata
cucumber magnolia
Excellent shade trees for parks and gardens, though they are not recommended for use as street trees.
Price: $24.50; 3'-4', 3 gal.; 28.50/4', 5 gal; larger, $45 - $65 Status: In Stock

Magnolia acuminata, commonly called the cucumber tree (often spelled as a single word "cucumbertree"), cucumber magnolia or blue magnolia, is one of the largest magnolias...

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Magnolia virginiana
sweetbay magnolia
A deciduous or evergreen tree to 30 m tall, native to the southeastern United States.
Price: $1.75/plug; $8.50/ qt.; $10.50/gal (3'-4'); some larger; $12.50-$22.50 Status: In Stock

Magnolia virginiana, most commonly known as sweetbay magnolia, or merely sweetbay (also swampbay, swamp magnolia, whitebay, or beaver tree), is a member...

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Oxydendron arboreum
Visual Rapture
Price: $12.50/gal.; $17.50/2 gallon; larger priced individually Status: In Stock

This is is a tree for all seasons.  It is one of our most beautiful natives and is ideal as a small specimen tree. It has lovely flowers that open in mid-summer, excellent fall color, and hanging...

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Pinus strobus
Eastern White Pine
One of our more stately native evergreens
Price: $7.50/gal; $12.50/2 gal. $16.50/larger specimens Status: In Stock

Pinus strobus is found in the temperate broadleaf and mixed forests of eastern North America. It prefers well-drained soil and cool, humid climates, but can also grow in...

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Platanus occidentalis
American Sycamore
The largest of the species have been measured to 51 meters (167 ft), and nearly 4 meters (13 ft) in diameter.
Price: $7.50/gal. - $14.50/2 gal Status: In Stock

Platanus occidentalis, also known as American Sycamore, American planetree, Occidental plane, and Buttonwood, is one of the two species of Platanus...

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Quercus alba
white oak
The tallest known white oak is 144 feet (43 m) tall.
Price: $3.50 for 12"-18" bare root Status: Sold Out

Quercus alba, the white oak, is one of the pre-eminent hardwoods of eastern North America. It is a long-lived oak of the family Fagaceae, native to eastern North America...

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Quercus bicolor
Swamp White Oak
Robust,Fast Growing and Tolerant
Price: $10.50/gallon/2 gal. (18" - 24") Status: In Stock

Quercus bicolor, commonly called swamp white oak, is a medium sized, deciduous tree with a broad, rounded crown and a short trunk which typically grows at a moderate rate...

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Quercus coccinea
scarlet oak
Scarlet oak is often planted as an ornamental tree, popular for its bright red fall color.
Price: $12.50 (2-3 gal) Status: Limited Supply

Quercus coccinea, the scarlet oak, is in the red oak section Quercus sect. Lobatae. The scarlet oak can be mistaken for the pin oak, the black oak, or...

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Quercus montana
Chestnut Oak
Good Plant for Dry, Rocky Slopes
Price: $4.50/12" - 18" bare root Status: Limited Supply

Quercus montana is commonly called chestnut oak (also basket oak and rock oak) is a medium to large sized deciduous oak of the white oak group that typically grows 50-70...

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Quercus palustris
pin oak
Growing to 18-22 m (60-70 ft) tall, with a trunk up to 1 m (3 ft) diameter.
Price: $9.50 - $24.50, size dependent Status: In Stock

Quercus palustris, the Pin oak or Swamp Spanish oak, is in the red oak section Quercus sect. Lobatae. It is a medium-sized deciduous tree growing to 18-...

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Quercus stellata
Post Oak
Great oak for poor sites in full sun
Price: $12.50/18" citro pot Status: Sold Out

Quercus stellata (Post oak) is native to the eastern and central United States, found in all the coastal states from Massachusetts to Texas, and inland as far as Nebraska. Quercus...

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Quercus velutina
black oak
Reaching a height of 20–25 m (65–80 ft), larger in southern range.
Price: $9.00/gal - $12.50/2 gal Status: Limited Supply

Quercus velutina, the eastern black oak or more commonly known as simply black oak, is an oak in the red oak (Quercus sect. Lobatae)...

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