Native Wildflowers

Eupatoriadelphus fistulosus
Quite a Robust Perennial
Price: $8.50 /qt; $16.50/gallon Status: In Stock

Eupatoriadelphus fistulosus, (Eutrochium fistulosum, Eupatorium fistulosum), is called hollow Joe-Pye weed, trumpetweed, or ...

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Eupatorium (Conoclinium) coelestinum
Meadow Mist, Mistflower
Rafts of blue in fields where it proliferates.
Price: $8.50/qt. Status: In Stock

This sky blue beauty blooms from July to late October, often suffusing the fields in which it dwells with sweeps of delicious blue to sometimes...

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Eupatorium perfoliatum*
Tolerates Normal to Wet Conditions
Price: $8.50/qt., $12.50/gallon Status: Sold Out

Eupatorium perfoliatum or (Common) Boneset is a common perennial plant native to the Eastern United States and Canada, with a range from Nova Scotia to...

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Eupatorium serotinum
Late-Flowering Thoroughwort
Pollinators Cornucopia
Price: $7.00/qt. Status: In Stock

Eupatorium serotinum, also known as late-flowering thoroughwort, is a fall-blooming herbaceous composite (aster family) native to North America. Like other members of the...

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Eurybia (Aster) macrophylla
Large-leaved Aster
Attractive Large Leaves
Price: $9.50/qt.; $12.50/gal. Status: In Stock

Eurybia macrophylla, commonly called large-leaved aster or big-leaved aster, is noted for its large basal leaves (4-8” wide). It is sometimes planted in...

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Geranium maculatum
Wild geranium
'Expresso" Available
Price: $8.50/qt. Status: Limited Supply

Geranium maculatum, the Spotted Geranium, Wood Geranium, or Wild Geranium is a woodland perennial plant native to eastern North America, from southern Manitoba and...

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Goodyera pubescens
rattlesnake plantain
Attractive and Petite Orchid
Price: $12.00/qt Status: Sold Out

A slow growing rhizomatous/rosette forming orchid with fleshy, white-veined leaves.  Evergreen, it produces nice little white spikes in the late spring. Goodyera pubescens...

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Habernaria ciliaris
Yellow fringed orchid
Price: $24/quart, some larger (more plants per pot) Status: Sold Out

Platanthera (Habenaria) ciliaris, commonly known as the Yellow Fringed Orchid, Yellow-fringed Orchis, or Orange-fringed Orchid, is typically found in...

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Helianthus angustifolius
Narrow-leaved Sunflower
Brilliant in The Sun
Price: $9.50/quart; $16.50 gallon Status: In Stock

Helianthus angustifolius is known by the common name narrowleaf sunflower or swamp sunflower. It is native to the south-central and...

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Hepatica acutiloba
Sharp-lobed hepatica
An Early Bloomer. Great for Deciduous Shade.
Price: $24.00/pot Status: Limited Supply

Hepatica acutiloba is a beautiful early woodland species, this member of the buttercup family, will bloom in colors ranging from white, to...

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Hepatica americana
Round Lobed Liverleaf
A Forest Floor Beauty
Price: $24.00/pot Status: Limited Supply

Hepatica americana is in the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae) and is native to the northeastern United States. It...

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Heracleum lanatum
Cow parsnip
Tall herb, reaching to heights of over two meters
Price: From $8.50/qt.; larger available Status: Limited Supply

If you want a large, prominent feature in a wild landscape, Heracleum lanatum is a prime candidate.  The Cow Parsnip, also known as Indian...

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Heuchera americana
Small, under 2 ft. high and wide evergreen perennial
Price: $8.50/qt Status: In Stock

Heuchera americana, or Alumroot, is a small (under 2 ft. high and wide) evergreen perennial native to Central U.S. Lobed semi-palmate green, purple, or brown leaves are...

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Hexastylis (Asarum) arifolium
Little brown jug
One of Our Native Gingers (semi evergreen)
Price: $9.50/qt. Status: Limited Supply

Hexastylis (Asarum) arifolium (Arrowhead, Wild Ginger or Little Brown Jugs) is a relatively tough semi-evergreen perennial, forming an attractive clump...

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Hibiscus moscheutos
Swamp-rose Mallow or Rose mallow
An attractive addition to any garden.
Price: $12.50/gal. Status: In Stock

Hibiscus moscheutos (Swamp-rose Mallow or Rose mallow) is a cold-hardy perennial wetland plant that can grow in large colonies. The hirsute leaves are of...

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Hydrophyllum canadensis
Virginia waterleaf
Lush Understory Wildflower
Price: $12.50/ gallon Status: Limited Supply

Hydrophyllum virginianum, or Virginia Waterleaf presents itself in rich woods during late spring and the early summer months.  The plants are about 12"...

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Hypericum pyramidatum
Great St. Johnswort
The largest St. Johnswort Flower
Price: $7.50/qt; $10.50/gal. Status: Available in Spring

Hypericum pyramidatum, commonly called great St. John’s wort, is an upright perennial that typically grows 2-5’ tall and features a showy display of yellow flowers (2” across)...

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Impatiens capensis
Photograph by D. Gordon E. Robertson via Wkipedia
Price: $1.50/large plug; in trays, some 4" pots available Status: Special Order

Impatiens capensis, the Orange Jewelweed, Common Jewelweed, Spotted Jewelweed, Spotted Touch-me-not, or Orange Balsam, is an annual plant native to North America. It is...

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Iris cristata
Crested iris
A small, spreading Iris
Price: $9.50/qt., $12.50/pan Status: In Stock

Iris cristata, the Dwarf Crested Iris, is a beardless rhizomatous iris (genus Iris, subgenus Limniris), endemic to the eastern United States, south of...

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Lactuca floridana
Woodland Lettuce
woodland biennial
Price: $6.50 /qt Status: Special Order

A blue flowered member of the composite family that tolerates and favors woodland shade.  Lactuca floridana, commonly called Florida blue lettuce or wild lettuce, is an annual/biennial...

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