Autumn is a Great Time to Plant!

Summer is slowly departing. Many plants are still in their prime such as Franklinia, Rhododendron catawbiense Leucothoe and Oakleaf Hydrangea; anise hyssop, butterflyweed, Rudbeckia triloba, joe pye weed, pipevine, sundrops, and asters; and poke, swamp and green (spider) milkweed are ready to plant.

Native dogwoods, with resilient varieties such as ‘Appalachian Snow’, ‘Appalachian Spring’ and ‘Appalachian Blush’ have already developed next years flower buds! Mountain mints, bee balms, lobelias and Joe Pye weeds are still in bloom and their flowers grace the autumn breezes. We have an assortment of native rhododendrons, maples, oaks, red and bottlebrush buckeyes, and other plants ready for planting. Senecio, Actaea, thoroughwort, asters, ferns, blue lobelia, cardinal flower, Helianthus, milkweeds, Aruncus, and other wildflowers are ready for your garden, meadow or woodland, even as they are, or will be going dormant! Winterberry holly, Clethra, Itea, Viburnum nudum, black and red chokeberry and inkberry holly are looking nice, beginning to don their autumn cloaks! The vivid reds, oranges and yellows, and subtle purple and browns will soon grace the shoulders of our tees and shrubs.

American elms (2 hardy varieties), American beech, musclewood, oaks, redbuds (3 varieties); green giant, emerald green, and douglas arbor vitae, bald cypress and hydrangeas (3 varieties) are available. Royal ferns, ostrich ferns, and cinnamon ferns are prime.

We have many botanic delights from which to choose! Come by to see, learn and enjoy. While our website is a nice guide for most of the plants that we have available, we have many species that are not on our site as it can be difficult to stay current as some plants are sold and others grow quickly and are repotted.

Many native wildflowers, trees and shrubs are in serious decline, but you can help them to recolonize our environment by integrating them into your landscape. Every positive effort helps to move us back towards ecological stability.

Our address is 5200 West Heaps Road, Pylesville, MD 21132. (410) 836-0500.

Stop by for a visit!

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