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Blue Crop, Currently Available
Our Native Fruit; Healthy and delicious, in fruit, now!
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$12.50/gal. (highbush) $34.50/3 gal.
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<p><strong>Blueberries</strong>&nbsp;(<strong>Vaccinium</strong>) are one of the few native North American food plants that have gained favor around the world. &nbsp;Plant breeders have selected many varieties over the years, from early blooming and fruiting to late with various flavors and levels of sweetness and tartness. We sometimes carry '<strong>Duke</strong>' (early, mildly sweet, heavy), '<strong>Bluecrop</strong>' (mid, sweet, large fruit), and '<strong>Aurora</strong>' (Late, mild, fine quality), and '<strong>Blue Gold</strong>'. Ideally, several should be planted fairly close to one another to provide better cross pollination, and a succession of fruit. &nbsp;There's nothing as tasty as a handfull of fresh blueberries and they are full of healthy antioxidants.&nbsp;They are also attractive and can be planted as a hedge around a patio or deck.</p>

<p>Sun and moist soil are ideal for blueberries, and while they can take shade, sun will produce better crops.</p>

<p>Blueberries prefer soil that is acidic. The soil pH should be between 4 and 5. Soil can be acidified with organic matter like peat moss, pine bark or&nbsp;needles, or aged sawdust (especially oak or pine). You can also mix a small amount of granulated sulfur into the soil several months before planting.&nbsp; Blueberries are shallow-rooted plants, requiring a moist soil that doesn’t stay&nbsp;overly wet, although we have grown them in boggy conditions.</p>

<p>Plant as early in the spring as possible, digging holes about 18 inches wide and deep, or about twice as wide and 6” deeper than the roots of the&nbsp;plant. &nbsp;Blueberries don't favor drought, so keep them well irrigated. &nbsp;We <strong>currently</strong>&nbsp;have&nbsp;<strong>high bush blueberries&nbsp;($12.50/gal.),&nbsp;'Bluecrop' 3 gal. ($34.50)</strong>&nbsp;and<strong> Cranberries (V<em>accinium macrocarpon</em>)&nbsp;&nbsp;($14.50/gal.)</strong>, available.</p>


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